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Meme Coin asks Robinhood (to please, pretty please) take it seriously

  • Dean Fankhauser
  • Posted
  • Read Time1 minutes

Remember Dogecoin? Sure you do. When I first heard about it, I thought “A coin based on a meme? Get real. What we need is a coin named after the dog on which the original meme is based.” Thankfully, there’s the SHIBA INU coin for those of you who thought along those same lines.

SHIBA INU coin or “Doge killer” as it likes to refer to itself is the newer crypto created to reign supreme over all meme coins. A petition was created on asking popular trading site Robinhood to allow the new crypto to be traded on their site to accomplish this quest. The petition was able to accumulate over 60,000 signatures. Sadly, the market is not dictated by petitions, and the ambitious new coin fell hard earlier this week.


Currently, the SHIBA INU coin is slowly climbing its way back up, but will it be enough to kill Doge? Experts are sceptical.

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