Entering a New Strategic Partnership, Nexo and BlockFills Target Expansion

Leading crypto lending and borrowing platform, Nexo has partnered with BlockFills, a global digital asset trading and financial technology provider.

Bishal Kumar Chanda3 min read
Entering a New Strategic Partnership, Nexo and BlockFills Target Expansion

One of the leading crypto lending and borrowing platforms, Nexo has partnered with BlockFills, a global digital asset trading, and financial technology provider. In January, it was also announced that Nexo was a part of BlockFill’s Series A funding round that raised $37 million.

BlockFills claims itself to be a disruptive technology firm dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions for digital asset market participants worldwide. Through its aggregation, matching algorithms, and a suite of end-to-end software, BlockFills solves the fragmented liquidity problem for institutions. The company specializes in commercial trading and lending for crypto and fiat for both institutional investors and miners. The partnership with Nexo paves the way for syndicate lending. There are plans of connecting BlockFill’s miner-rich client base and trading flow with Nexo’s range of advanced digital asset tools.

Co-founder and CEO of BlockFills Nick Hammer said, “We’re thrilled to continue building on our relationship with Nexo following our successful Series A funding round last month. Not only does Nexo match well with our technological capabilities at BlockFills, but we have also found a strong collaborative partner in the Nexo team. Together, we look forward to bringing leading and reliable trading opportunities to our growing client base around the world.”

Nexo will gain greater exposure using the proprietary derivative trading operations of BlockFills. In turn, Nexo’s advanced digital asset management capacities will help BlockFills expand its global reach. It will also help BlockFills provide better support in finding stability and more reliable technology for their investments. We will soon witness BlockFi become Nexo Prime’s strategic client, which is top of the line prime brokerage suite from Nexo. With Nexo’s highly competitive savings interest rates, the partnership comes as an added bonus. It is one of the safest crypto lending and borrowing platform in the current market.

After BlockFi paid a $100 million fine to SEC, Nexo is also looking towards complying with regulations. Nexo’s venture capital arm is trying to grow its presence in the metaverse and make investments in decentralized finance solutions developments. Nexo is successfully broadening its compliance capabilities and creating a new niche known as MetaFi. Regarding the partnership with BlockFills, Nexo CFA and Head of Corporate Finance and Investments Tatiana Metodieva commented, “ Nexo’s collaboration with BlockFills is logical and synergistic. Our service offerings, geographic coverage, and addressable user bases complement each other; thus, our joint work will be conducive to the growth of our respective business operations in the digital assets industry.”

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