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  • Did Aziz Mcmahon Really Quit Goldman Sachs After Making Millions From Dogecoin

Did Aziz McMahon really quit Goldman Sachs after making millions from Dogecoin?

Aziz McMahon, the Dogemillionaire?

  • Dean Fankhauser
  • Posted
  • Read Time1 minutes

In the last few days, there was a story going around that a Goldman Sachs executive had left the bank after making a fortune off of cryptocurrency, more specifically dogecoin. This executive was correctly identified as Aziz McMahon.

Officially, Goldman Sach has confirmed the departure of McMahon but refused to comment further. Susphish!

McMahon, who worked as a managing director and head of emerging market sales in London, reportedly cashed in at least $14 million worth of crypto. The board is still out on if dog-themed coins were involved in this millionaire rise.

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