CoinLoan Announced The Stellar Annual Results of 2021

Alongside the global crypto boom of 2021, CoinLoan recently announced its outstanding annual results.

Bishal Kumar Chanda4 min read
CoinLoan Announced The Stellar Annual Results of 2021

Alongside the global crypto boom of 2021, CoinLoan recently announced its outstanding annual results. While the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies soared by 187.5% in 2021, CoinLoan has gained nine times more active users by the end of the year. The CoinLoan exchange volumes also rose sky-high, crossing 2,400% in growth. These figures are all thanks to the innovative services and products offered by CoinLoan. In 2022, the company is adding a new Visa Debit Crypto Card, with which users can store, exchange and spend both crypto and fiat seamlessly.

CoinLoan is one of the safest crypto lending platforms that is working towards building a regulated ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts with a wide array of services in one place. Currently, CoinLoan offers:

In 2021, the platform added eight new cryptocurrencies that users could buy, sell, swap, lend, or use as collateral for loans. CoinLoan is also planning to revamp its mobile application and website through a series of updates. The updates would bring better transparency and on-demand financial reporting for regular users. Corporate users can also expect some new features in the upcoming updates.

In January 2022, CoinLoan introduced a new feature to their loan offerings - instant partial loan repayments. Borrowers can now manage their finances with more flexibility with no minimum repayment amount. Most crypto-backed loan providers don't let the early repayment of loans or charge a hefty fee for it. CoinLoan enables users to save interest either by full early repayment or fixed scheduled repayment, giving them an extra edge over its competitors.

The company is working on adding more coins, enabling connection to tax services and enhancing its existing services. CoinLoan takes a customer-centric approach and listens to its users while supporting them with new value additions.

Commenting on the reported figures, CoinLoan CEO Alex Faliushin said, "Our strong culture and values are the results of a business built on specialization, team spirit, integrity, and accountability. Our values shape how we conduct our business, provide services to our customers, interact with each other, and support our community. We put a strong emphasis on quality and security, scanning and crash-testing our system daily to make it stronger, and partnering with white-hat hackers to keep it ironclad."

About CoinLoan

Established in 2017, CoinLoan is the only EU-licensed company in the crypto lending and borrowing segment. Insurance and strict security standards make CoinLoan as safe as a bank. On the platform, users can gain attractive yields on interest accounts, instant loans, exchange cryptocurrencies and get access to corporate services. Along with managing a broad portfolio of assets such as crypto, fiat and stable coins, CoinLoan also provides round-the-clock human support. However, it is worth checking out other platforms like BlockFi and comparing their services with CoinLoan before investing or borrowing crypto.

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