CoinLoan Adds Instant Partial Loan Repayments

CoinLoan adds an instant partial loan payment option to its crypto-backed loan services, allowing users to manage their finances with more flexibility.

Bishal Kumar Chanda3 min read
CoinLoan Adds Instant Partial Loan Repayments

CoinLoan, the only EU-licensed crypto products provider and a pioneer in crypto-backed loans, has brought a new and unique innovation to their loan offerings - instant partial loan repayments. With the option of partial repayment in denominated currency without incurring any fees, borrowers can manage their finances with more flexibility. CoinLoan's interest-only model doesn't have any minimum repayment amount, enabling intelligent asset management with added convenience.

The option of saving interest by paying loans early is available to both new users and the current user base. The feature is already available on the company's website and will be available in the mobile app soon. The new novelty is CoinLoan's direct response to customer feedback and showed great commitment towards enriching customer experience. The partial repayment is an addition to CoinLoan's other two loan repayment options: full early repayment and a fixed scheduled repayment.

Most crypto-based lending platforms don't let borrowers repay their loans early or charge a hefty penalty. CoinLoan's early repayment options give it a unique edge compared to its competitors. Now borrowers can manage their finances easily and with unparalleled freedom, making CoinLoan services comparable to a bank's.

The product owner of CoinLoan, Evgenii Zomchak, expressed, "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this new feature on our loan offering. We continuously look to innovate our product to benefit the user and the wider crypto community, and this development will help our loan customers with greater flexibility on repayments. The CoinLoan team has decades of experience in finance and technology worldwide, and we are looking to bring bank-grade services to the crypto industry."

About CoinLoan

Launched back in 2017, CoinLoan is the only EU-licensed crypto platform. Its services range from flexible crypto loans, crypto exchanges and interest accounts. CoinLoan guarantees bank-grade security standards in the crypto space and extends its services to individual and corporate clients.

Better rates of interest for both lenders and borrowers, transparent pricing and 24/7 human customer support are the secret behind CoinLoan's high customer retention. CoinLoan allows users to exchange and manage a huge range of portfolios, including crypto, fiat and the platform's native token, CLT. Supported by the latest technologies and partnerships, CoinLoan takes the crypto lending and borrowing space by enhancing existing features and innovating new opportunities.

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