Babel Finance Partners With Paradigm To Increase Its $8 Billion Monthly Trading Volume

Partnering with Paradigm, Babel Finance to provide increased trading precision and lower leg risk along with a lower cost of execution.

Bishal Kumar Chanda3 min read
Babel Finance Partners With Paradigm To Increase Its $8 Billion Monthly Trading Volume

Babel Finance, a global crypto lending financial service provider, announced partnering with Paradigm back in December 2021. Users can expect an increase in trading precision, elimination of leg risk, and a much lower cost of execution for the trading derivatives. Babel Finance targets to pump up its monthly trading volume of $8 billion with the expertise of its Singapore team and the partnership with Paradigm.

Paradigm is an investment firm that backs various disruptive crypto and Web3 companies. Its flexible and multi-stage approach is a global influence and has a history of helping projects reach their full potential, whether technical or operational. Paradigm offers derivative traders a zero-fee institutional liquidity network. By partnering with Paradigm, Babel Finance’s existing services will have access to Paradigm’s multi-protocol and multi-asset liquidity without having to compromise on the execution preferences, cost, and time.

Babel Finance has previously partnered with Chainalysis to use its KYT and Reactor services for improving its existing regulatory compliance strategies. The partnership with Paradigm can help it bridge the gap between traditional and crypto finance even further. With Paradigm’s platform, Babel Finance aims to connect directly with institutional counterparts and implement workflow automation tools in a single executable structure.

Babel Finance wants to capture the market of traditional high-profile investors who wish to add cryptocurrencies to their portfolios. The company plans to offer more leading-edge products and evolve its digital finance asset management capabilities even further. Having a full suite of most demanded services is vital in attracting mainstream investors, both old and new, in the crypto space. Babel Finance has established cooperative relationships with leading investment firms, mining institutions, major global exchanges, and custodians. That will make its position very strong as a service provider in crypto lending, brokerage, and crypto asset management.

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