A series of Odd Events Part 2

One of the earliest viral videos sold as NFT

Dean Fankhauser2 min read
A series of Odd Events: Part 2

Elon treated like a fussy child on a long car ride and told to shut up

Just imagine yourself on a road trip cross country. The radio is on, the sun is shining, and a child is asking you every 20 minutes if we are there yet. There comes a point, inevitably, when you can’t take it anymore. So you snap and tell little Elon to shut up.

But now little Elon is a grown man, who instead of asking how long until we get to the water park, is constantly changing the crypto market. And, logically, people are snapping.

Several investors are speaking publicly on the issue. According to Alex Mashinky, CEO and founder of Celsius, “people who followed Musk blindly have lost a lot of money. They may have gotten burned and never come back.”

So maybe, just maybe, his frequent Twitter escapades are more consequential than annoying.


“Charlie Bit my finger” no more

Ah, 2007! The year of the first iPhone, the year when Justin Bieber started posting videos on YouTube and of course, the year that the world met Charlie and Harry in the adorable “Charlie Bit My Finger” video. Far from viral memes and videos, the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video was the beginning of a trend.

But now, the video is to be taken down after being auction off for $760,999 this Sunday as an NFT. The winner, music and sound 3fmusic won the bid, as well as the possibility to recreate the viral video.


Crypto is worse than Tulip Bulbs

I think I’ve cracked down the take of big banks on Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin is terrible but could be the best thing since sliced bread if you just let us take full control of it.

Jamie Dimon has in the past called Bitcoin a fraud, even worse than tulip bulbs. I take it the CEO of U.S. Investment at JP Morgan is not a fan.

However, he did state that the crypto market could be valued at $5 trillion, a large improvement from its current value of $1,6 trillion.

But you might be asking yourself, How?

Easy! Government oversight, government oversight and a little bit of government oversight.

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