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Best-Of DeFi and CeFi Awards 2020

Our team have hand-picked the best projects and people in the DeFi and CeFi industry.


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Debit cards

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We’ve found the best, so you don’t have to.

The Bitcompare team have spent countless hours testing savings accounts, loans and cards. We’ve wasted eye boggling gas, asked a million questions and found ourselves feeling very optimistic about the future of DeFi and CeFi.

Unbiased, objective reviews

It’s important for us to provide honest, straightforward reviews that aren’t influenced by sponsorship or any other form of payments. We’re just as likely to award a provider we have no relationship with as we are with some of our closest partners.

The people behind the awards

Our team come from a background of traditional finance and technology. They apply that lens to their reviews and try to see solutions from a “normal person's” perspective. We believe it's time to start building products for our next door neighbours as well as the most dedicated DeFi fans.

Have a project we should look into?

While we pride ourselves in scouring the Internet to uncover the best DeFi and CeFi projects, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with progress. If you think there’s something worth bringing to our attention, get in touch

Frequently asked questions

Still have a few things you’d like to clear up? We’ve put together the following simple answers to frequent questions on crypto savings accounts, loans, debit cards and more.

How do you determine the winners?

Bitcompare’s award winners have to pass an evaluation process involving all of Bitcompare’s writers and editors. When assessing products, we always approach it from the perspective of consumers. We’re conscious of the fact that different consumers have different levels of crypto knowledge and comfort levels and try to look at all products through that lens. Criteria usually includes fees, rates, rewards, trust and usability.

Who selects the awards?

Our team of researchers and writers select the best candidates. Once selected, we debate who should win based on usability, functionality, features, security and more. We sometimes seek outside counsel for additional information.

Are the results objective?

Objectivity is the most important thing when selecting winners. We all hold each other to high standards and question objectivity when we need to. The Bitcompare team are very clear that it’s crucial to our process.

How do you get listed?
<p>If you know of a company that you think should be listed in our awards section, don’t hesitate to <a href="">reach out</a>. We’re always on the lookout for the best new companies to award.</p>

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